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Hi, i’m Krystal. I’m a Virtual Reality Game Designer, Developer and Artist. Jack of most trades, master of none.

I think my extended range around the world of digital design and virtual reality gives me a unique and incredible perspective on it all. I’m incredibly grateful for my position in the thick of technology and art.


I want to use this blog to share my journey in the Game Development industry. As a women in a male dominated industry (which is incredibly supportive and welcoming towards me), and as a young aspiring game designer crawling through the trenches of the New Zealand games industry (we’re all fighters here.)

I have the archives of all my university research on here, i’m hoping it might help shed some light on what Digital Design Students get up to. It’s not everything, but its enough to get an idea. Over time I want to reflect back on my studies and how it could have been better, or what made it great. Education in Game Development has so much further to go – i’d almost like to say it’s not even ready yet.

For now that’s about it, but i’ll update this page if that changes.

Thank you for reading.