Week 06

This week I opened Unity and started putting together a placeholder environment using tutorials  in order to test out the mechanic.

I completed Unity’s Survival Shooter tutorial in order to learn more about how multiple scripts work together in a project.


After completing I tried to alter the scripts in order to work my mechanic into the game. The idea was that instead of having the player just shoot with one input, I would make the player shoot in the three different ways, each damaging the enemies and the player in their own unique way. It took a while of messy note-taking and focus but I eventually worked out a plan of action.

(example of messy notes & trying to make sense of everything (there’s plenty more) )20160407_185757.jpg

At this stage, my primary focus was to add the ‘sacrifices’  to the shooting, which in hindsight seemed like an easy task that turned out to be at best a learning curve.

To briefly explain how it’s going to work:

Using your players Health will give you +20 attack damage

Using your players Resources will give you +10 attack damage

Using your players ‘Time’ will give you a longer attack time

Power A  will have:

  • +30 damage to enemies
  • -10 PlayerHealth
  • -20 PlayerResources
  • (no time bonus)

Power B will have:

  • +20 damage to enemies
  • + 10(ish) sec attack
  • – 10 PlayerHealth
  • (no resource bonus)

Power C will have:

  • +10 damage to enemies
  • + 10(ish) sec attack
  • – PlayerResources
  • (no strength bonus)

Starting with Power A I tried to implement a new line of code that when the player is shooting it will deduct a ‘SacrificeDamage’ to the players health.

It looks like this:

Public int SacrificeDamage = 10;

Void SacrificeDamage()

If  (playerHealth.currentHealth>0)


I’m confident that I can put the mechanic together for testing, I just came across a large amount of compile errors while learning everything. My main obstruction in just physically intergrading the scripts properly. (Hopefully, on Friday I can make it all work together – i’m getting close)

This week  I also started to put together my literature review with a couple of paragraphs done.

Professional Practice

This week I attended the NZGDA meetup. The GDC talk was inspiring, and set forth my goals of going to it next year.


Because of the talk, I went home and looked at the GDC vault watched three videos. Farah’s Diversity panel, A seminar about portfolio building and a woman in games seminar.







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