How can we analyze the experiential outcomes to inform your practice or measure it’s success? I want to know if people playing the game can pick up the gameplay from the start. If they don’t understand what they have to do within the short time they’re playing it then it won’t be an engaging experience.We can find this out by playtesting vigorously with people who aren’t aware of what the mechanics are. It’s a short time-frame people will be playing so we want them to pick it up as soon as they start.


Output Reflection – I am the Rivers

This week my task was to ‘Create chosen trees in 3D using the low poly style from style sheet’.

I basically looked at the style sheet and started to grasp an idea of how its suppose to look, then started a couple trial models to see what I could come up with. I also wanted to make sure I address any technical issues before the deadlines creep up.

  • I was able to explore the different styles of low poly in order to refine a distinctive design.
  • The ideas I had are different to my groups, I need to change my modelling style direction.
  • Communication may be a big hurdle, the ideas getting across clearly and whether technically I can create from these ideas.

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