Witches Staff Design

In designing the staff I came across the idea of including Carnivorous Plants into my project, I can’t remember how I got there but the thought crossed my mind. So I added one to the staff itself and will definitely have heaps of them in the environment design. I’m going to try create my giant as one as well. Since my only ideas so far for the giant is alligator themed i’m fortunate I came across something a bit more interesting. So at the moment for the witch, the ideas i’m working with are Voodoo, Swamp, Tribal, Birds and now Carnivorous Plants. I’ve tried to include all those ideas in my staff design for the witch.

Studio II. Pre-Visualization. Jorinde and Joringel – Intro

This assignment working in the first half of the second semester will be concept art and pre-visualization. We’re focusing on the early design sketches and multiple design solutions. 

We are illustrating Jorinda and Joringel by Brothers Grimm. My whole childhood all I wanted to be was an Illustrator, my favorite was Shirley Barber and I use to read her fairy books inside and out even until I was in my early teens. I could recite most of her work by heart even now. I can also remember almost all of her Illustrations, they were a true inspiration to me and I hope that the passion I once had for Illustration can help me in this assignment. 

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