Town Building

This is a simplified video of how I created the houses for the towns, looking at the time stamps it took me around 3-4 hours for each house depending on the size and objects within it. Created in Photoshop Elements 10 with a wabcom.


Digital Portrait Painting Study – Avalon Andrews

Here’s a step by step of how I did the shading, texture and colours. Those were the ones I wanted to focus on the most and had always had trouble with. For this one I watched a helpful tutorial on YouTube to get the texturing right, and some of the colours. Plus there were some helpful free brushes on the Artists website.



First Proper Digital Painting Post

This would be my first digital art study. Something I did in my own time just to relax and practice. I used a photo of Avalon to study from, and i’d show it but it really is a terrible photo of the both of us. I chose this one because although our faces are covered in in-perfections and we look like total Derp, her eyes were still spot on amazing and took the whole photograph. I really wanted to capture that, and if you ask nicely, ill show you the photo in private.

Anyway, here’s the final. It took about 4-5 hours all up on and off, that’s not including the hours I spent staring at it deciding what i’m going to do.

Avalon portrait study16a copy