Are You OKay? Video


Our First Paper Prototype

This is our initial idea of how the game’s going to work before we start developing the demo in Unity. Some of the issues we came across were how the player moves through the map with the Art Style we’ve chosen, and how the dungeon works. Luckily we made this paper prototype first so that we could iron our the creases in our ideas before further development.

The “Caravan” Project

For our first game stream assignment, ‘Oolook Games’ gave us a brief for a game design they would like us to present to them in groups. We were provided with a story line, character and main concept that we could develop and produce. The game was to be centered around financial learning.

I was the Artist and project manager for this group assignment, and I learnt so much. Mostly it was to do with really understanding what your client wants, I know now from this experience how to shape my art to fit the brief. As a team I think we did great with time management, and we came up with a clear developed idea.

Here’s a Link to Our Group Blog where we put all our ideas;